Winter Solstice 2022

We are deep in the heart of darkness. Winter Solstice invites us to pause, savor Earth’s hush, and turn to the light within. In the words of David Whyte from his poem, Sweet Darkness,

“The dark will be your home tonight.

The night will give you a horizon

further than you can see.”

My ideal horizon is the sun rising above turquoise waters. As a sun worshipper, I have resisted the balm and blessings of this darkest day of the year. With the sun’s face turned away, I have learned to welcome the velvety cradle of a long night. 

Tonight, I honor the darkness with ritual. A pine-scented candle mingles with memories of walks in the winter woods. Like our neighborhood woodchuck burrows into a deep tunnel, I retreat beneath a warm blanket and enter the cave of my soul. 

I am listening. I am listening to the music of the wind outside my window. I am listening to sparks of hope within the darkness. I am listening for the crackle of light that kindles the need to believe without seeing.

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