Connecting to Sacred Spring

“Listen! In the earth, the seeds are stirring and making noise, like the birds whose song has been silenced by winter. Now the snow is being devoured by sun, our elder, and in the branches, the persistence of our prayers is bringing the birds to life.”

Nancy Wood, Shaman Circle

Connecting with Sacred Spring

Energy is arising in the world all around me. Early Spring wooshes in with mighty winds breathing wisdom through the air. This season aligns with the element of air, which is often called wind—the harbinger of change.

Today is the official beginning of spring, Vernal Equinox. Today, we experience the unfurling of light and dark in equal amounts. Across the globe rituals and celebrations abound to hail fertility, new beginnings, and rebirth. 

In celebration of this joyous occasion, I honor the element of air with my own ritual. Coming out of the nurturing womb of winter (I try to follow the natural rhythms of the seasons), I revel in this jubilant time for nature. Awww, the freedom humans and non-humans feel.

Sue’s Spring Celebration

  • Ground myself as I stand barefoot under the 60-foot, white spruce tree in my backyard.
  • Listen to the wisdom of the wind.
  • Write in my journal – how will I become more flexible, creative, adaptable? How will I maneuver when the wind changes its course? Will I give up when the wind blows against me?
  • Breath Prayer in – cycles of life and death
  • Breath Prayer out – rebirth and growth
  • Bow to the sun rising in the East warming, nurturing new growth.
  • Read a poem to white spruce and thank her for the visible witness of air and wind as it wooshes through her branches.

“May all I say and all I think
be in harmony with thee,
God within me, God beyond me,
maker of the trees.

In me be the windswept truth of shorepine,
fragrance of balsam and spruce,
the grace of hemlock.”

From Chinook Psalter – Tree Blessing

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