Connecting to Sacred Spring

“Listen! In the earth, the seeds are stirring and making noise, like the birds whose song has been silenced by winter. Now the snow is being devoured by sun, our elder, and in the branches, the persistence of our prayers is bringing the birds to life.” Nancy Wood, Shaman Circle Connecting with Sacred Spring Energy... Continue Reading →

Language of the Land: Terra Divina

My earliest companion was the natural world. Ocean, sand, orange trees, seashells, sea gulls, and chameleons—all spoke to me in a language that I didn’t understand at the time. Sixty years later I’m just beginning to comprehend the wisdom these natural teachers have to offer. Under the dappled shade of orange trees, behind my grandparents’... Continue Reading →

Sacred Space

Terra Divina is like reading the language of creation through birdsong, waves lapping the shore, whispers of wind through willow trees. My favorite "Place" is what I dubbed the Pine Cathedral. It reminds me of a church without walls. Golden sun seeping through branches is the bell tower calling forest critters to join the celebration.... Continue Reading →

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