The Nature Conservancy calls the tallgrass prairie a more threatened ecosystem than the Amazon rainforest. What words will we use to describe this once vibrant landscape to our grandchildren—vanished, extinct, restored? Compass plant, spiderwort, big blue stem,Disappearing words.Botanical names float in the airlike strands of music.Vast stretches of grasslands,nowremnants, fragments, traces.Tallgrass prairiemore threatened than the... Continue Reading →

Blessing for 2021

May the song of compassion ring louder than the din of hatred. May we live in a world where generosity overcomes selfishness. May our dark times and times of light so entwine that they become one and illuminate the way forward. May we know when to tenaciously cling to what is important and when to... Continue Reading →

Tune into your surroundings

I was born in the windy prairie state of Iowa and was raised in the breezy gulf state of Florida. My earliest memories of Florida are of tumbling in the salty waves of the Gulf of Mexico and emerging from the water to find seaweed tangled around my ankles, sand in my swim suit and... Continue Reading →

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