EarthWhispers Abbey

Standing with a cohesive community of nature lovers who see the natural world as home rather than a resource to be exploited. This community thrives in a transforming exchange with the natural world. We express care for our square patch of earth with humility, stubborn hope, and active engagement through creativity.

During the full 12-hour retreat, participants will develop observation skills and reflect upon their life using nature as a metaphor. Through guided writing, walking, meditative and creative exercises, they will explore the four elements of nature to deepen an awareness and appreciation of our natural world.

Three-hour mini retreats are also available. Each mini retreat focuses on one of the elements of nature: Earth, fire, air and water. We embrace the notion that the natural world is a portal to divine guidance. We recognize the generosity of Mother Earth and end each session with a gift to the universe.

Sue Schuerman: is co-founder of EarthWhispers Abbey Retreats & Programs, has taught workshops on Dialoguing with Nature, The Significance of Place and The Language of Landscape. She also teaches memoir and creativity workshops and leads a monthly writing group. Sue has been published in several magazines and anthologies, co-plans an annual Christian writers conference and facilitates nature retreats. She served as executive director of the Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, is a Master Gardener, a member of Prairie Rapids Audubon Society and is a certified Life Legacy Facilitator.

Felicia Babb:  Co-founder of EarthWhispers Abbey Retreats & Programs is a former newspaper executive, director of the Blue Zones Waterloo Project. Led and trained sales teams for newspaper, television and technology companies for 25 plus years. Lead a local writer’s group. Led community discussions around creating healthy communities. Felecia is a writer and artist. She writes a monthly column for Western Home Retirement Communities and posts her art work and writings at  and

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